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Unknown Chemicals

All hazardous waste that is picked up by the Environment, Health, and Safety Office (EHS) must be completely labeled and identified. Principal Investigators (PIs) and their group members, Facilities personnel, and any other person or entity that produces hazardous waste are responsible for accurately labeling and identifying all waste under their control.

When unknown waste is discovered, an attempt must be made by the group to identify its contents. In the event that the waste cannot be identified, the Institute's hazardous waste contractor will perform an analysis to identify the unknown waste. The cost of the analysis will be charged back to the appropriate party.

What to do when an unlabeled chemical is discovered:

  • Make an attempt to identify the contents of the container. Never guess or assume as to the contents of the container.
  • If the contents cannot be identified, attach a hazardous waste tag to the container and indicate on the label that the material is unknown.
  • Notify EHS of the unknown chemical. EHS will arrange for an analysis of the unknown material.
  • The cost for analysis is $150.00 and will be charged back to the appropriate party. An account number must be provided.

For additional information, please contact the Safety Office at extension 6727